Race Healer Courses

Racism is a deep historical wound passed on from generation to generation. It destabilizes, makes us fragile, stressed, and causes tremendous violence. 


These video courses with racial equity and healing expert Milagros Phillips draw on history, science, research and storytelling, providing vital context for our current racial crises. The courses introduce practices to transform racial conditioning, multicultural relationships, communities, and organizations.


Join us today - transformation starts with you!



Milagros Phillips is an Author, Speaker, Seminar Leader, and Race Coach. She has spent the last 25 years bringing race literacy to universities, national leaders, corporations, and non-profits. Her historically grounded, research and science-backed-programs on race are powerful and transformative. Milagros has taken one of the most difficult topics of our time and turned it into an opportunity to learn, understand, inspire and transform.


In this library of courses, racial healing expert Milagros Phillips will lead us through the process of healing racism by offering her 30 plus years of knowledge, study and experience.


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